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Our School is a unit of national first-level key discipline. The Department has two majors, BSc in Financial Mathematics and BSc in Applied Mathematics, with an annual enrollment around 300 undergraduate students, 20 graduate students. MSc in Quantitative Economics and Ph.D. in Statistics is available for further study.

In 2011, the School of Mathematics was renamed the School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics, with 2 school-level superior discipline talent teams, Financial Engineering and Financial Risk Management team, and Economic and Financial Big Data Performance Analysis team, established in 2017. At present, the Department has a faculty of 92, including 17 professors, 37 associate professors. The School also has laboratories for financial mathematics, quantitative economic analysis, and Quantitative Finance and Insurance Actuarial.

In the past four years, our staff has Published more than 200 academic papers in academic journals, and publish 10 academic books and teaching materials, manage over 12 national natural science foundations, and over 20 provincial scientific research projects.

We always adhere to the correct direction of running schools, constantly optimizes the discipline and professional structure, builds a high-level talent training system, creates a high-quality teacher team, comprehensively improves the talent training ability, enhances the level and strength of running schools, and improves the quality of talent training. In recent years, our college's entrance examination rate and employment rate have increased year by year. The employment rate of graduate students in our School has reached 100% for five consecutive years, and the employment rate of undergraduates has exceeded 90% for three consecutive years. Most of the graduates work in financial institutions such as banks, securities companies, insurance companies, as well as governments, schools, and related enterprises. In the national college student mathematical modeling competition, the national college student mathematics competition, the national graduate mathematics modeling competition, the American mathematical modeling competition, the "Creation of Youth" (Challenge Cup) national college entrepreneurial competition, and other domestic and foreign competitions at all levels have made significant achievements. In recent years, he has won 6 national first prizes and 9 second prizes; 29 provincial first prizes, 63 second prizes, and 110 third prizes; 12 US awards and 18 H awards. The college's summer social practice team has repeatedly won awards from top 100 national teams, national excellent teams and provincial excellent teams.

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