Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

1. Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The goal of this program is to train students to be personnel with advanced knowledge and techniques in theoretical and applied mathematics. After study, students are expected to have good mathematical literacy with solid understanding of the basic theory and methods in mathematics and applied mathematics, meanwhile, capable of building up the appropriate mathematical models for problems in science and engineering and get the numerical solutions by writing their own computer programs, and possessing the ability to do fundamental scientific research in mathematics and applied mathematics. Through study in this program, students will receive normal and solid training in mathematical foundations, gradually get access to modern mathematical thought and framework, and gain the basic knowledge as well in disciplines closely related to applied mathematics such as finance, insurance, financial management, and so on. They will get familiar with the main applied fields of mathematics and are expected to solve practical problems in various areas. It is also required for students to master a foreign language with strong ability in listening, speaking and writing, and subsequently to read the foreign mathematical books and materials fluently, while with the ability of using computers and write the computer programs proficiently.

2. Undergraduate Program in Financial Mathematics

Students studied in this program are expected to become talented people with advanced applied techniques. The program aims to facilitate students to study the theory of mathematics and finance systematically, with rigorous training in mathematical and financial thinking, and in scientific experiments, and possess the ability to use computers to make quantitative analysis and solve financial problems in real world. After graduation, qualified students are suitable to work in related financial fields such as bank, insurance, stock, and entrust to handle affairs in accounting, financing, and risk managements, or work in academy to teach or do research.

3. Undergraduate Program in Information and Computational Science

Students studied in this program are expected to be advanced inter-disciplinary talented people. The program aims to facilitate students to have good mathematical literacy, master the basic theory and methods in information science and computational science, and get the elementary training in scientific research. Through study, students will be capable to solve the practical problems in real world by using what they learned and proficient computer techniques. After graduation, qualified students may find their positions in the areas such as industries of information technique, finance, and so on to undertake tasks in information processing, software developments, scientific research, teaching, or administration management.

Graduate Programs

Graduate program in Econometrics

This is a master program. More details are coming soon.

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