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Quantitative Economics

Quantitative Economics was founded in 2002 in Shandong University of Finance and economics. Quantitative Economics is one of the key subjects in Shandong Province since 2006. It is the plateau subject of Shandong University of Finance and Economics, and it is a branch of Applied Economics which is a first-class subject of Shandong Province. After years of construction and development, Quantitative Economics has been built into an advanced level in Shandong Province, with a strong influence in China.

Since 2002, the subject has started to recruit postgraduate students and has trained more than 100 postgraduate students. All graduates have entered universities, banks, state-owned enterprises and other companies to work, making a positive contribution to the society.

School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics has been paying attention to the construction of the academic team, and now has formed a strong faculty. At present, there are 92 faculty members and 82 full-time teachers, including 17 professors, 37 associate professors. Among them, there are 29 master's supervisors and 3 doctoral supervisors. The proportion of teachers with doctoral degree is over 70%. The subject has continuously condensed its research direction, and now it has formed four research directions: mathematical economics, system evaluation theory and method, financial risk management and econometric analysis.

The subject focuses on building high-level scientific research achievements and has made outstanding achievements in natural science and social science projects. In the past several years, the school has obtained over 10 national foundations and more than 20 Shandong natural and social foundations. More than 200 academic papers were published in China Science, Journal of scientific computing, China management science, International Journal of Computer Mathematics and other important academic journals. Over 100 papers were indexed by SCI or EI. A number of research achievements have been awarded at or above the provincial level.

Teachers of this subject are doing their best to keep pace with the times, forge ahead with determination and dare to blaze new trails, which will push the subject’s construction to a new level.

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