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The School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics teach and research both on science and economics, and hold a provincial key discipline, Quantitative Economics. We offer three undergraduate programs in Information and Computing Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Finance Mathematics, and a master program in Quantitative Economics. The school consists of six departments, including the Department of Information and Computing Science, the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, the Department of Finance Mathematics, the Department of Economics and Management Mathematics Teaching, the Department of Practical and Experimental Teaching, and the Department of Public Outreach and Services, and seven research institutes, including the Institute of Quantitative Economics, the Institute of Computing Mathematics, the Institute of Applied Mathematics, the Institute of Finance Mathematics, the Institute of Nonlinear Analysis,the Institute of Operation and Economic Management, and the Institute of System Science and Information Processing. We also facilitate two laboratories, Finance Mathematics Laboratory and Quantitative Economics Laboratory, as the platform for research, teaching and public services. As of Spring 2015, there are more than 1000 students studying in our undergraduate and master programs.

The School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics boasts the faculties with high education background and strong research capabilities. Currently there are 86 faculties in the school including 78 full-time teaching faculties, 14 professors and 36 associate professors. 93% of the faculties own master or higher degree and 52.2% own doctorate degree. We possess 1 national honored professor, 1 provincial honored professor, 5 university-honored professors, and 6 university-honored high-level professionals. Over the passing three years, our research has been published with over 100 papers in famous academic journals such as Science China, Acta Mathematica Sinica, Journal of Number Theory,?Chinese Journal of Management Science, while more than 90 of them were published in SCI or EI journals; our faculties have written and edited 8 academic books or textbooks, were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation 9 times as PIs and by the Provincial Natural Science Foundation for over 30 times; many of the research were rewarded the provincial and ministerial level prizes.

The school follows the education principle and policies brought up by the Party. We focus on teaching, student development, and discipline construction guided by the society needs,keeping optimizing the curriculum and the program structure therefore the graduates quality. Meanwhile the faculties are active in research to keep in touch with the academia frontier and in teaching techniques training. The admission rate to graduate study and employment rate of the graduates have been increasing in each passing year. Our students have gained remarkable achievement in extracurricular activities. They were rewarded 2 national highest-level, 9 national second-level, 19 provincial highest-level, 44 provincial second-level and 41 provincial third-level prizes in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest, China Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and the Challenge Cup. Our summer social practice team have been rewarded as National Top 100 Team, Excellent Team, and the Best Organization for many times.

The School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics have constructed a system of professional discipline across and developing science and economics. We are dedicated in creation of a trustful, positive, enterprising and inspiring environment for high education and cutting edge research. The School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics look forward to cooperating with the elites from all domains and contributing more to our nation.

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